Regulations & Compliance



Regulations & Compliance

BBY (NZ) Limited (“BBY New Zealand”) is permitted to advise on Futures Contracts, Options, ETOs, margin-FX, CFDs and Equities.

BBY New Zealand is registered on the Financial Service Provider Register (Reg no.  FSP23102) to provide the following financial services:

  • providing wholesale and/or generic financial adviser services
  • keeping, investing, administering, or managing money, securities, or investment portfolios on behalf of other persons
  • entering into or trading on an exchange, in an over-the-counter market or otherwise, the following on behalf of another person
    • money market instruments (including cheques, bills, certificates of deposits);
    • foreign exchange;
    • derivative products including, but not limited to, futures and options;
    • interest rate and index instruments;
    • transferable securities (including shares);
    • futures contracts

BBY New Zealand is a Financial Advisor under the Financial Advisors Act 2008, and is permitted to provided class advice on a range of financial products and may also provide personalised advice to wholesale and eligible clients.

As a Registered Service Provider, BBY New Zealand is a member of an approved Dispute Resolution Scheme.  Details can be found elsewhere on this website.

A full Disclosure Statement is available on this website detailing further prescribed information in respect of the Company and our advisors.

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