Services & Fees

Assisting traders and investors who are looking for better returns from the more complex derivative financial markets is what we do at BBY.  We accomplish this in the following ways;

  • Access – we enable clients’ access to global trading markets for a multitude of exchanges and products including international stocks and shares, commodities such as gold and oil, futures, and foreign exchange.
  • Execution – clients can use us to execute their trades into the markets on their behalf, or we can assist them to execute their own trades directly via recommended on-line platforms.
  • Advice – we provide various levels of advice to satisfy client demand for trade ideas, trade strategy, risk management, trade monitoring or general market discussion.
  • News – we receive, filter, analyse and provide current news and information to our clients, either on a paid subscription basis or as part of our broader account services.

Over the years we have concluded that market participants are not all looking for the same thing from their advisor. Everyone has a unique investing and trading fingerprint.  With this in mind we have developed a range of accounts that we believe will enable us to look after the needs of all of these different participants.



This account is designed for active experienced traders or institutions who only desire market access and advice, or trading support. Full advisory and execution services are available if required for an additional fee.


This account will appeal to an active trader who wants full advice and execution support. This will include trade recommendations and opportunities, assistance with analysing trade strategies, and risk management techniques.


This is the preferred alternative for those wanting exposure to the markets, using the services of one of our experienced professional advisors who have discretionary authority to trade on your behalf utilising trading and risk management strategies on terms agreed by you.


With all of these facilities we provide additional advisory related services:

Consultancy Services:

General advisory services, non-transactional in nature. E.g. mentoring, education, risk management, corporate treasury. Fees are generally charged on a time and attendance basis or set fee.

Subscription Services:

Non-personalised information services, market advice and trade recommendations, either general or tailored to individual account types.  Subscription may be cancelled on one months notice, and are generally charged by monthly invoice.  General subscription packages are below.  Other packages can be designed on request;

Advisories Package – regular trade and market analyses and specific trade recommendations from your designated advisor.  Advisories are provided periodically in response to market conditions and advisor assessment.  Prices $100-$500 per month depending on required services.  Please contact us to discuss further.

Market Commentary – a complimentary service to clients provided on a daily and weekly basis.  Commentary is provided electronically by email, or via the blog and social media facilities available on our website.

Apart from specialised consulting and subscription services we generally charge on a commission basis per transaction. Actual rates vary over different products and providers.   Further explanation of our rates and charges are set out in the Fees section and accompanying Disclosure Statement, and are detailed in depth across all products when you open an account with us.

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